Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Friends and Hair

This post has really nothing to do with hair, but it does have to do with friends.

Sometimes we are blessed in life with an old friend.  Old friends are like favorite books, ones that you might not look at or think about for awhile, but when you pick them up again its like a whole new story.  You always love it and its always special to you.

I have been blessed with an old friend.  Our friendship is unique and special and something we both value a lot.  It started before either of us can remember when we were little babies at daycare.  As the story goes, our mom's, who also happened to be high school classmates, ran into each other while dropping us off one morning.

Our dads were in the mix too, as well as her step-dad.  They all went to school together, some starting as early as 3rd grade, where her dad called my mom "bucky beaver".  There are dance pictures of them together and memories.  And then there is us.  We often joke that we could be the same person.

In case you don't already know this story, the lady I'm talking about is your friend at De la Muse, Miss Rozlyn.  My oldest friend. There is comfort in saying, "I can't remember not knowing her" and of Rozlyn it's true.

So here are the things I know about my oldest friend:

She cares about people.  She is not just being your stylist to earn a dollar.  She really does care about you and the things going on in your life.  She feels your pain and your happy and your excited.  She's with you.

She sees your best you.  She sees the version of you that maybe sometimes you can't see for yourself.  When she looks at you, she always sees the shiny version.

She's creative and ultra talented.  That shiny part of you that she can see?  She can make you see it too.  Just give her a mirror and some scissors.  Magic happens.

She is successful in a very humble way.  When we were little, like all little girls, we used to play dress up and do hair and make-up. Rozlyn, of course was great at it.  I always admire anyone who takes something they are passionate about and makes a life out of it and Rozlyn has certainly accomplished this.

So that is my story of friends and hair.  Cheers to my beautiful friend who makes the rest of us beautiful everyday!

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